Pure-Tropix Africa Payment Plan

Pay a little here, pay a little there, with our Pure-Tropix Africa payment plan you can now split up payments on your favorite products.  By splitting payments you have the ability to pay when you want while guaranteeing that your product will be in stock and ready to ship to you!  

How does this work?

Add your favorite items to your cart.  Click the cart icon.  From there you will be prompted if you would like to split payments.  Click the button.  From there you can make your payment and split the sale price over as many payments as you want!


How long do I have to pay?

We encourage you to pay as soon as possible but if not no worries.  We will hold your money and item for a maximum of 90 days.


Why would I want to break up payments?

This is a perfect way to help to budget.  Our payment plan also allows you to the opportunity to split payments among friends. This is perfect for holidays and buying gifts as friends


What happens if I don't finish paying within 90 days?

You run the risk of forfeiting your funds and products.  If you run into a problem with completing your payments before the 90 days send us an email and we can work something out!!!


Is shipping included?

Your payment plan will only cover the cost of the items.  Once the payment has been fulfilled shipping will be charged separately.  Don't worry though, based upon the amount you purchased you may be eligible for free shipping!


Ok, I am sold let's do this!

Sounds great.  In order to activate the payment plan option select the button inside the cart screen!