Jungle Clay Mask

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The combination of Bentonite, and Sea Kelp helps detoxify, reduce redness, skin irritation and inflammation. Bentonite absorbs toxins, impurities, heavy metals and other contaminants. Jungle Clay Mask will not interfere with the natural oil balance of the skin and contains Avocado Oil to assist the skin barrier function. Papaya extract, Pineapple Extract and Tangerine Oil are present for their many functions in promoting glowing healthy skin.Jungle Clay Mask – Detoxifying Mask For All Skin Types 

• Jungle Clay Mask leaves the skin clean, refreshed and luminous. It’s perfect for a beauty flash before a night out
• Very suitable for sensitive and dry skin as well as acne or oily skin

Very suitable for all skin types. Whether you are treating acne or blemished skin, dry, combination or oily skin, this is a must have for anyone who desires to have evenly toned, clear and radiant skin.